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I have found that by using a consistent and professional email service such as Loyal Customer Club, my company's brand presence has increased greatly. Each month my customers receive a professional email that promotes my image and product. The support staff at LLC listens, creates and makes sure that the emails sent are certain to drive home my message. LLC is an key cog in marketing strategy.

Sam Esposito
Renaissance Art Center

Loyal Customer Club has been creating our newsletters for a decade, and over that time, we've become known in our industry for the high quality of our email newsletters. Every time we go to a limousine trade show, colleagues from around the country come up to us and tell us how much they love our newsletters — they forward them to their marketing managers and tell them to do what we're doing! The staff at Loyal Customer Club, from our Client Solutions Coordinator Marlene to the graphic artists to the proofreaders, consistently go above and beyond to help our company build a strong connection with our clients and in the end, bring us more business!

Therese Howe
Reston Limousine

Loyal Customer Club is the benchmark for quality email marketing. Golf Headquarters has used them for well over three years now and their graphics team is amazing, plus my rep is the best customer service rep and most experienced staffer they have.

Try them, you'll be happy you did.

Curtiss Fazilat
Golf Headquarters

Considering we had very good account management (as opposed to self-service), I believe you are a great value. Bryan (and my previous reps) have been very quick to respond to my requests. Many of our emails received over a 40% open rate, resulting in very high click-throughs. This really helped in-store sales.

I like the simplicity. The relationship was very easy to manage, and I felt confident in our program.

Loyal Customer Club is an excellent solution for a small business that needs a well-structured email program, but doesn't have the time or funds to manage in-house. I highly recommend them.

Laura Walentynowicz
LookAfter Hair Company

I have to say, the Loyal Customer Club has been a great addition to my marketing over the last few years. Our goal was and is to go 100% green regarding our advertising. With the help of the Loyal Customer Club and staff, we have almost completely reached our goal.

Also, our Loyal Customer Club clients enjoy receiving the monthly specials via email, it keeps them in touch and makes them feel like VIPs because they are getting deals other clients do not receive. I'm glad I made the choice to have the Loyal Customer Club be a part of our company.

Paula Schlue-Moore, BA, NCTMB, CCT
BodyCentre Wellness Spa