We're more than just email.

We're your Platform for Profits. Use the power of email marketing to drive your customers to:
coupons, social media, mobile apps, online ordering, gift certificates, special offers, and more.

Personalized Customer Service

We offer top quality, personalized customer service to you, our client. Grow your customer base and keep customers returning to your business with a professional, monthly email. We listen, share ideas, make suggestions and help make your monthly emails enticing to your customers.

Celebrate the seasons, offer Holiday specials and gift cards, link to online ordering — all within a monthly email. Keep it as simple as a coupon or stretch your reach through social and digital media. Your company, your customers, your choice!

Target specific clientele by adding social media links, coupons, directions to your business, reviews and website information to your email blast. Invite your clients to share emails with friends and family, send birthday and anniversary greetings and promote your business.

Are you offering an awesome Holiday special? We can help you share that.

Are you expanding your business hours? Opening a second location? Having a back-to-school sale? We can help you promote your event.

How about mobile apps? We can add that to your email blast, too.

Let our customer service staff, our artists and our writers give your emails the Loyal Customer Club professional touch!

Loyalty Kit

The Loyalty Kit keeps it simple. Each kit contains customized sign-up cards, a collection box and postage paid envelopes for returning your completed cards back to us for data entry. Or we can provide customized HTML so that customers can sign up for your Loyalty Program on your website. The choice is yours - cards, computers or both, so it's fast and easy to grow your customer database.

What customer demographic would you like to include? Email addresses and names, of course. What about cell phone numbers for additional offers? Birthday and Anniversary dates for special coupons? Zip codes to track the most popular areas you serve? Data collection can be customized to gather the information you need most.

There are many ways to gather the information. Have customers fill out cards at the cash register or collect it on line. Maybe have a staff contest to see who gets the most customer sign ups in a given time frame. Make sure you have plenty of pens handy, encourage your customers to write clearly, type carefully and send in your information regularly for fast turn-around times!

Soon your customers will be coming in every month, redeeming their coupons and sharing their experiences as your business continues to grow. Let us customize your Loyalty Kit and gather your data while you grow your business.

See a sample sign-up page

Customized Tracking Reports

Each email you send is followed up with a detailed, customized tracking report so you can make sure you are effectively reaching your customers. What would you like to know? Our Loyal Customer Club offers customized tracking reports on:

And our professional customer service team is available to answer your questions about the data collected, offer comparisons to similar businesses and provide ideas to help your business continue to grow customer loyalty.

See a sample report