Over 11 years of email design
and customer service excellence.

Loyal Customer Club (LCC) was developed through our parent company, Clipper Magazine, a leader in the direct mail and marketing industry, as a way to provide our advertisers another way to reach out to customers. Our very first email went out on April 29, 2002; since then we have grown to give our clients the absolute best professional customer service and quality designed ads that can't be found anywhere else. Working under the Clipper Magazine/Gannett umbrella enables us to leverage their media, databases and resources to offer a multitude of additional services to better help our clients grow their customer base, engage prospective customers and retain more of their current customers.

What sets us apart from other Email Advertising companies?

Our professional Loyal Customer Club team:
Ad agency services at a fraction of the cost!

Client Solutions Coordinators. We make it easy! You will be assigned a devoted and knowledgeable account manager to guide you through the steps of developing a database and to work closely with you on all of your professional email campaigns*.

Professional Artists. Our emails are top notch! All of our ads are custom designed by award winning artists who are well trained in marketing and campaign strategies as well as anti-spam techniques and computer preferences.

Professional Proofreader. Your ads will be professionally proofread for spelling, grammar, dates; and links will be checked before you see the very first proof. Changes can be made and it is proofread again before it is sent to your customers*.

Team Managers. Our managers are involved in all processes of our business and can easily be reached if necessary.

*Included with Template and Custom programs.

Our experience and creativity in the digital marketing field:

Options. We offer programs from custom, template and do it yourself emails to help you reach your target audience as formally or as casually as you choose.

Database management and security. Your database will be held in a secure platform and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Email data collection materials and data entry.
Included in your set up fee is a customized "kit" which includes customer cards and an in-store drop box. Customers fill out the cards, drop them in the box and you simply mail them back to us in pre-paid envelopes for processing. We handle the data entry and add new customers to your database at no extra charge!

Free web and Facebook sign up forms. We can also provide coding for your website or Facebook page that will add an easy-to-use Loyal Customer Club sign up form. This paperless option registers your customers faster, with fewer legibility issues and grows your database more rapidly.

Links. We can help you reach more potential customers (and your customers reach their friends and family) with customized links to social media sites and "forward to a friend" options.

Clickable, trackable and print once coupons. We are proud to offer clickable/trackable coupons. Your coupons can be coded to be printed only once or multiple times and each coupon contains an individual identifier for each customer in your database. All coupons are trackable as well so that we can measure campaign effectiveness and customer conversion.

Reporting. You will receive a report for your email campaigns showing open rates, link clicks, etc. with optional custom reports for database size, subscriber engagement and more.